Throughout the course of AMP’s history, our mission has remained the same: to develop technology that facilitates a team-based approach towards achieving an individual goal. The stakeholders involved and the goals they are working towards have changed over the years, and continue to evolve — from elite athletes training for…

ATLANTA, GA — AMP Recover announced this week a new partnership with Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. (Ortho RTI, CSE: ORTH, OTCQB: ORTIF) for an upcoming clinical trial. …

The partnership aims to deliver the highest level of service to public safety workers.

Rebound, a healthcare delivery company dedicated to the well-being of public safety workers, announced this week that it has chosen AMP Recover as its digital training management tool under its innovative wellness division, Vitality. …

John Gates has had 14 orthopedic procedures. Here he discusses his recovery from a Labral Repair and subsequent PRP injections using the AMP Recover app.

Patrick Murphy, a healthy 51 year old from Scranton, PA, has had two arthroscopies in the last two years with Dr. Philippon at The Steadman Clinic. AMP Recover has been instrumental in his recovery process each time, allowing him to complete his rehab protocol and communicate with the caregiving team in Vail from his home. Patrick is now back to chasing his two kids around the house and comfortably hitting the golf course, here he shares a few of his thoughts on the AMP Recover experience.

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AMP Recover is proud to announce the release of the AMP Provider app for Apple and Android devices. The latest addition to AMP’s suite of care management tools, AMP Provider allows caregivers to securely access critical functionality of AMP Recover on their mobile device. …

Dr. Brandon Broome Addresses Consumerism, Evidence-Based Standards and Convenience in His Total Joint Practice

San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists (SAOS) announced this week the addition of AMP Recover to their suite of specialty tools designed to increase the quality of care, while reducing recovery time. …

Mike Voight, PT, DHSc, from Nashville Hip Institute and Belmont University, discusses the effects of technology on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and education.

Jamie Skipper, CEO of Elevation Health Consulting, discusses recent regulatory changes regarding telehealth policy and reimbursement in response to COVID-19, and the importance of data in proving the efficacy of virtual care.

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