Georgia Bone & Joint: Powering The New Frontier of Direct to Employer Care Delivery

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift and become increasingly competitive, direct to employer arrangements are gaining popularity among both companies and healthcare providers. Direct to employer contracting is a strategy in which a self-insured organization negotiates a contract directly with a healthcare provider rather than through a third-party administrator (TPA), with the goal of driving value-based care. These mutually beneficial arrangements allow providers to increase their patient volume while employers improve the cost and quality of the healthcare they offer employees.

According to federal statistics, self-funded plans cover 60 percent of the private-sector workforce — almost 90 million workers and dependents—presenting a significant market for healthcare providers. Musculoskeletal disorders are among the most common, and most expensive, issues faced by American workers making the opportunity particularly appealing to Orthopedic groups. It was a massive opportunity that Trevor Turner, M.D. Director of Center for Orthobiologics at Georgia Bone & Joint, recognized and wanted to participate in.

Dr. Trevor Turner

“In my opinion, it is employers who will help to solve the health crisis in America today”, he says. “The employers who have the courage to self insure and adopt care from centers of excellence that will dramatically cut their costs while simultaneously providing better care for their employees.” Dr. Turner and his highly trained colleagues are the leading orthopedic specialists in the region, but they wanted to extend the reach of their clinic to include self funded employers located elsewhere, which is where technology came into play. “For Orthopedics, which is one of the largest addressable markets in the world, it is platforms like AMP Recover that enable us to connect with patients and to make the best choices with the most actionable data.”

Dr. Turner and the team at Georgia Bone & Joint turned to innovation to grow and refine their practice, recently implementing AMP Recover to treat patients from self-funded employer contracts. The AMP platform allows them to digitally deliver rehabilitation at distance, leverage data to improve clinical outcomes and protocol efficacy, and to improve the lives of both patients and providers. Dr. Turner perceived that, “the ability to collect and gather a massive quantity of data could be used to optimize outcomes, and would not only pave the way for new models of value-based care, but it would also enable clinicians to spend more time on communicating care to their patients when they need it most — which is what they actually went to medical school for—instead of staring at a screen.”

Dr. Turner has lofty goals in mind when it comes to technology enabled healthcare, “GB&J is excited to partner with AMP Recover to help actualize this goal and to make Orthopedic care better for all of us. One day we hope for a universal adoption of platforms like these to help all of us as patients find and maintain the best versions of ourselves.”